On a cold night in November 1947, a group of men were gathered around a pot bellied stove in Bedle's Garage discussing their short comings and making life miserable for the proprietor. Suddenly, some of them smelled smoke, at the same time time a mighty howl was heard. It seemed that a certain person had been standing with his back too close to the stove. The back of his top coat had been scorched, instead of the common phrase hot foot he really had a hot seat. Due to the swiftness and efficiency shown in extinguishing this fire they decided, then and there, they were destined to be experts in the field. Thus the South Old Bridge Volunteer Fire Company Inc. was conceived.

The Company's first meeting was held at the Willis school in South Old Bridge, then Madison Township, on November 14, 1947. In early 1948 they decided to build a firehouse, Engine Company # 1, and land was purchased on Appleby Avenue. Our firehouse was constructed largely by our members with some help from local contractors.

Original Firehouse Company 1

Company 1 Today

In 1962, in keeping with the expansion of township, the fire company found it necessary to expand its facilities. Land was acquired and Engine Company # 2 was built on Throckmorton Lane in the Sayrewoods South section.

Original Firehouse Company 2

Company 2 Today

In 1969 further expansion was needed and Engine Company # 3 was established in temporary quarters at Englishtown Road and Van Tines Lane. The permanent firehouse was built on the same site in 1975.

Original Firehouse Company 3

Company 3 Today